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Solo is The Spirit of Java and it is not just on its slogan. When you are looking for a place where Java tradition is alive, living among the people and can be seen in every aspect of their daily life, then Solo is the place to go. Calm, quiet and rich in culture, that is how Solo impress its visitors. Those who are longing for peaceful place must come to Solo. There is a huge different of atmosphere of living here and living anywhere in big cities. Of course, Solo is a modern city too since it is an administrative city. Yet, crowd, hassle and hustle are away; that makes it different from other big cities in Indonesia.

Solo is a place to go for many living in the region surrounding it and others. When day off comes; whether it is those two short days in weekend or a long day off, Solo becomes popular destination for many from surround and beyond. Solo government actively strives for both public entertainment spot and mass festival that really encourage visitors to come. So, whenever you plan to visit Solo, you will have so many to see, which Solo

Pubs, vampires and rebellion the best of historic Dublin

Dublin rightly prides itself on being a modern European city, but its colourful history is central to its appeal. There was a settlement here even before the Vikings settled by the River Liffey a thousand years ago, and the city really came into its own a century ago when events here were the catalyst for Irish independence.  This tour of historical highlights – all within striking distance of the centre – will enrich anyone’s appreciation of Dublin.

Tracing shrapnel at the GPO

An informative stroll of discovery might begin at the General Post Office (GPO), on the main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street. It’s hard to resist the temptation to trace a finger across the shrapnel holes that still pockmark its impressive facade. This unlikely site has been a focal point of countless commemorations since it was chosen as the headquarters for the 1916 Easter Rising, regarded as the beginning of the end for British rule in Ireland.

Kilmainham Gaol

You can follow in the final footsteps of many of the rebellion’s leaders

Eating out in Japanese a guide to Japan’s restaurants

The Japanese love to eat out, and the profusion of culinary options, even in the smallest towns, can be overwhelming. There’s something for every taste and budget, from humble slurp-and-go noodle stands, to refined traditional eateries serving seasonal fare. With Japan’s range of dishes and cooking styles comes a range of specialist restaurants – here are just a few of the most common.

Pin this image  Display of plastic food at a restaurant in Japan. Image by Herry Lawford / CC BY 2.0

Izakaya: the Japanese pub

Often described as a Japanese-style pub, an izakaya is part bar, part restaurant, and the place to go for a good-value meal in a casual atmosphere. The food is designed to support the drinks, with patrons ordering a few dishes at a time from a wide-ranging menu – typically including kara-age (fried chicken), nabemono (hotpot dishes), sashimi and grilled fish, plus some international items. Aesthetically, izakaya are a mixed bag, from slick city bars to cavernous beer halls with rustic interiors.

Try: Shinsuke (Tokyo), Robatayaki Isaribi (Osaka), Jōmon (Tokyo)

Sushi-ya and kaiten-sushi: sushi two ways

Eating out at a sushi-ya (sushi

Bière de garde a traveller’s guide to beer in France

Beer. It’s not the first thing most people think of sampling on a trip to France. But France, like many places, is on the cusp of a beer moment.

Breweries across the country are taking a nod from their Belgian neighbours, finding influence in American styles and hops, utilising their fresh and wonderful home-soil ingredients and even reviving a historic and uniquely French style of beer: bière de garde.

Come with an open mind and thirsty palate and you might just find yourself preferring France’s beer to its wine. Or at least loving them both equally.

Here is our guide to drinking beer in France, from sun-soaked brasseries to high alpine huts.

French beer styles

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking there is no such thing as truly French beer; that, at its best, French beer copies Belgian beer. In fact, France does have several unique ways of rendering beer, the most notable of which is bière de garde.

Tips on Renting a Car in Australia

Millions of tourists visit Australia each year. The beautiful country is a great place to explore, offering the perfect mix of natural wildlife and man-made architectural brilliance. Gorgeous cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offer some of the world’s biggest attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House, the Great Ocean Road and the River GambiaNational Park. Because there are so many different places to visit, you should know that a considerable amount of your time will be spent travelling in Australia. It’s best if you rent a car when you land in Australia. Renting a car gives you the freedom to travel around the city on your own terms. You can explore the city in your car whenever you want. The best part is that you won’t have to rely on public transport.

However, most people think that renting a car in Australia is expensive. There are many companies that offer cheap rental cars in Australia. Frequent travellers are able to save a great deal of money just because they make the right choices when it comes to renting a car in this beautiful country. Here are just a few tips that will help you

The Best Ways to Get The Best Hotel Before Going Travelling

Do your ever get used to booking hotel online? Actually, this is a preparation that you should make before you go on the destination. If you have a plan to visit Jakarta, Indonesia, it would be better for you to book the hotel earlier. The right time to book the hotel is several months or weeks before you arrive in Bandung. This is actually the best thing that you should have in order to get the best place to stay. Since there are lots of hotel in Jakarta, you can actually get it easier with booking online hotel. It is quick and easy so that you will not waste your time in getting the booking online hotel. Moreover, you can get lots of advantages if you book the hotel online.

In order to find the best place to stay in Jakarta, you can possibly get this access. It would be so much good for you to have the one that you like. All the things that you need are your laptop or tablet and you can start to surf the internet. This is several things that you should have to get the best hotel in Bandung:

  • Put the date of check in

A gourmet road trip through France’s Auvergne region

Even by French standards, the Auvergne bulges with gastronomic flair. The region produces five protected-status cheeses, cured meats prized around France, plus an arsenal of wines and heady herbal liqueurs.

Could something in the water explain this bounty? Locals think so, crediting the rich volcanic soil with the Auvergne’s verdant grazing meadows and fruit farms. Meanwhile visitors are drawn to its passionate but decidedly unpretentious food culture. Exploring blissfully quiet vineyards and meeting fourth-generation cheese makers feels like tapping into the Auvergne’s very lifeblood.

This rural part of France lends itself well to road trips, and this circuit from Clermont-Ferrand, the Auvergne’s largest city, will whet your appetite with the best produce around. To break up the trip, sleep off all those glasses of Côtes d’Auvergne on an overnight stop in Salers or Le Puy-en-Velay.

Bleu d’Auvergne, the region’s crowning cheese

When in France, begin with cheese. Five cheeses in the Auvergne have been certified with ‘protected designation of origin’ (PDO) status, a stamp of approval that guarantees authenticity (and guards against dairy impostors). With dozens of dairy farms, you could enjoy an entire trip rolling between Auvergne cheese tastings (learn more about the cheese trail on

10 Destinations like Paris

Paris is an inimitable city, its grand boulevards shooting off from the Seine like arteries, leading to iconic art galleries, boutique fashion stores, great literary quarters and innumerable fabulous cafes and bistros. If you’re infatuated with its many charms – the culture, the architecture, the food, the coffee, the shopping, the hotels, the views and the romance – then try these ten cultured cities for a shiver of the same pleasure as emanates from France’s fabled capital.

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10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Peaceful, tolerant Amsterdam is known for several of the same qualities as Paris. Its trio of world-class art galleries, while not as iconic as the Louvre, together contain a collection that is just as impressive. The Rijksmuseum hangs renowned Rembrandts alongside works by other Old Masters such as Jan Steen and Jan Vermeer; the Van Gogh Museum has more of the expressionist artist’s paintings than anywhere else in the world; and the Stedelijk Museum shelters a superb collection of modern and contemporary art. Once you’ve soaked up the city’s

24 hours in Lausanne Switzerland

One of Switzerland’s prettiest cities, Lausanne, located on the shores of glimmering Lake Geneva, can easily be covered in a day though it’s better to take it slow and spend the night.

The steep hills and cobblestones may appear daunting (good walking shoes are handy) but all hotels provide guests with the Lausanne Transport Card free of charge, giving unlimited access to the city’s public transport – perfect for when your legs start to get weary. And if you find 24 hours is not nearly enough and you’re reluctant to leave, well, you’re not alone: Coco Chanel loved Lausanne so much, she spent her twilight years here and is buried in Cimetière du Bois-de-Vaux.

Get active in/around Lake Geneva

Start your day early, with a run, cycle, rollerblade (or just a civilised stroll) around Lausanne’s lakeside promenade at Ouchy towards the popular Vidy Beach. Swim at the Piscine de Bellerive ( or head in the opposite direction towards Plage de Pully; a 15-minute walk from Ouchy. Watching the sun come up over the Alps while bathing in Lake Geneva is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Breakfast with a view

Return for a scenic breakfast by Lake Geneva. If the weather calls for a

Ten of the world’s most intriguing wine regions

We’ve all experienced it on our travels – whether watching a sunset in Italy with a glass of chilled Prosecco or at a barbeque in Australia with a beefy Shiraz – when a local wine could not be more perfectly suited to the moment.

Lonely Planet’s new book Wine Trails plots a course through 52 of the world’s greatest wine regions, with weekend-long itineraries in each designed by expert writers, including wine buyers and sommeliers.

And we’ve picked out 10 of the most intriguing regions to show why tasting wine in the place it was made can be a revelation.

Central Otago, New Zealand


Central Otago is famed for sublime alpine scenery, the energetic resort town of Queenstown and, since the 1990s, some world-class winemaking. Its wild landscapes make up the world’s southernmost wine region with vineyards spread throughout the deep valleys and basins of six sub-regions – Gibbston, Bannockburn, Cromwell Basin, Wanaka, Bendigo and Alexandra.

The local soils have proved excellent for Pinot Noir and Central Otago is lauded as

Eat Mumbai make the most of India’s foodie capital

Mouth-watering Mumbai is India’s top destination for gastronomic indulgence. A culinary cornucopia of flavors from all over India and the world collide here, elevating the metropolis to the proud status of India’s foodie capital. The kaleidoscope of aromas, spices and tastes cover everything from Mughlai kebabs, Goan vindaloos (spicy Portuguese-inspired curry) and Mangalorean seafood to Parsi dhansak (hot and sour lentil and lamb stew), Gujarati and Keralan thalis (‘all-you-can-eat’ meals), world-class Thai and Indo-Chinese cooking, and a dizzying street food scene that is a reason to visit Mumbai all by itself.

Mumbai cuisine has been shaped by centuries of seasoning at the hands of Koli fishermen, Hindu dynasties, Muslim sultans and Portuguese and British colonists. All have converged on this flourishing trading port through the years, importing their own culinary know-how. As India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai casts the culinary net worldwide, with abundant restaurants offering the flavours of Europe, the Middle East and East Asia to the city’s expats and backpackers, and to Mumbai’s rich and famous elite.

Colaba is where you’ll find the majority of cheap eats, usually aimed at the foreign backpacking crowd, while Fort and Churchgate cater to trendier and more upscale fine-dining establishments, a trend

The purrrfect cuppa Taipei’s best cat cafes

A little history

The world’s first ever cat cafe was located in Taipei. It was called Cat Flower Garden and it still exists today, although it’s now called Café & Cats 1998 (see below). The concept cat-apulted and now there are about 50 cat cafes in Taipei alone, as well as a handful of cat bars and even cat hairdressers and cat massage parlours. Some cat cafes also have the odd dog, as well.

It’s a savvy business model, as cat cafes draw large numbers of visitors and locals alike, but some have more humanitarian origins – many operate on a rescue model, adopting stray animals and giving them clean, healthy homes and plenty of cuddles. Cat cafes offer a great insight to the Taiwanese passion for pets and are a fun distraction on a rainy afternoon.

Pin this image  Many cat cafes provide good homes to stray kitties. Image by Megan Eaves / Lonely Planet

One theory has it that since many Taipei landlords don’t permit tenants to keep pets, cat cafes have

East Asia’s craft beer revolution the ultimate guide to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China

From Seoul to Hong Kong, here is our ultimate guide to beer sampling and suds-sipping your way through East Asia.


Leading the charge of East Asian craft beer, Japan has been brewing great suds for some time now. Even its major label lagers have served as the gold standard for Asian brews – who doesn’t love a delicious, dry Sapporo over a platter of sushi? So it’s no surprise that Japan has been a forerunner on the Asian craft beer scene since the mid-90s, when laws prohibiting small-scale breweries were abolished and craft brewing began in earnest.


The king of all craft beer bars is Tokyo’s Popeye, which stocks mostly Japanese craft brews on its 70 (70!) taps. Admittedly, just getting through these will probably take up most of your time in Japan, but should you wish to venture further afield, you can’t go wrong in Osaka. Is it any surprise that Japan’s (arguably) most food-obsessed city would also at some point become a suds destination as well? The place to start here is Beer Belly Tenma (, a home bar of the Osaka-based Minoh brewery with around 15 taps, most pouring house brews. Craft Beer Bar Marciero ( down

Taiwan a secret foodie wonderland

Right now, in-the-know foodies from across Asia are descending on an island in the East China Sea to gobble steaming plates of dumplings and nibble stinking sticks of tofu.

Taiwan’s food scene is exploding and now is the time to go – Taiwanese chefs are winning awards, the country heaves with night markets and Taipei is full of up-and-coming hot spots serving haute cuisine to rival Tokyo, Hong Kong and even Singapore.

Serious fusion

Pungent tofu kebabs on a street-side grill in Taiwan. Image by Megan Eaves / Lonely Planet.

The word ‘fusion’ gets thrown around a lot in culinary circles – whenever someone combines a donut with a croissant it’s dubbed fusion – but the Taiwanese really know what it’s all about. The Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese have all landed here at one point or another, and their foods combined with local flavours to create a true hybrid cuisine. As a result, many of Taiwan’s dishes will be faintly familiar to anyone who’s eaten a Chinese dumpling or scarfed down some sushi.

A traveller’s guide to buying jade

Roxanne brings out a velvet lined box of nine jade bracelets and announces that we’ll be starting with a test.  ‘Only three of these are real jade. The others are fake. Can you tell them apart?’  The bracelets passes from hand to hand, and are held to the light, examined by five pairs of eyes.  When we have separated them, using nothing more than beginners instinct (disqualifying ones that look too real to be true, for example), Roxanne smiles. She does not tell us whether we’d chosen wisely or not. Instead, she asks us if we are ready to learn about jade.

Pin this image

Jade chrysanthemum at the Taipei Museum of Jade Art

‘In the jade world, we use a special machine to scan a piece, a machine that measures the spectrum of light as it goes through the jade.’ Roxanne shows us two documents of jade authenticity, each of which has contains a boxed line graph. ‘The lines represent light passing through the stones.’

One line is a smooth arc. The other a jagged line, like the edge of a steak knife.

The Four Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Dense, skyscraper-laden Hong Kong doesn’t seem like the most likely place to find beaches, but there are actually more than a few great beaches in Hong Kong. While they can’t compete with the pristine sands of other Asian beach destinations, like the Philippines or Thailand, they can certainly liven up a trip to Hong Kong. And with weather that borders on oppressively hot for most of the year, who are we to say no to a Hong Kong beach?

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1. Hung Shing Yeh, Lamma Island

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Lamma Island is a popular day trip destination off the coast of Hong Kong, reachable in only 30 minutes by ferry from the Central Ferry Piers. Travelers hoping to visit Hung Shing Yeh should first take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan, which is Lamma’s largest town. Once there it’s a 30-minute walk to the beach on the Family Trail, a paved hiking trail that crosses Lamma Island. Hung Shing Yeh is very popular on the weekends with families, as it has a sandy beach and a lifeguard-supervised, netted swimming area.

9. Cheung Sha, Lantau

Cheung Sha is the

The Ten Most Visited Cities in the World

10. Barcelona, Spain, with 8,410,000 international overnight visitors each year

In many ways Barcelona is the perfect travel destination. It has great beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, historic architecture in El Gotico, contemporary architecture in the works of Antoni Gaudi, an amazing football team, a nightlife that just doesn’t quit, more great tapas restaurants than one could count and some of the world’s best art museums. Did we mention that it’s very affordable too? Well, it’s very affordable too.

9. Hong Kong with 8,720,000 international overnight visitors each year

The number of day trippers from neighboring Mainland China who visit Hong Kong far exceeds the number of overnight visitors the city receives, but Hong Kong is no slouch in that department either with eight million overnight visitors each year. Far from the business-minded concrete jungle that travelers expect when they visit, Hong Kong is actually a green city of rugged landscapes, beaches and hiking trails. Of course, there is also the skyline. We can’t forget about the skyline.

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with 9,200,000 international overnight visitors each year

Malaysia is the world’s 10th most visited nation, so it’s fitting that Kuala Lumpur makes it onto this list. KL, as it’s called by the

Travel Guide to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung

A Remote Adventure In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a reputation of being a concrete jungle; a literal madhouse of people constantly jockeying for space. The truth, however, is that over 60% of Hong Kong is designated as country park and the territory has a number of open spaces and beautiful beaches.

One of the most spectacular parts of Hong Kong is the bay of Tai Long Wan in the Sai Kung East Country Park. Think sweeping vistas, turquoise water, mountainside trails along the ocean, abandoned villages, white sand beaches, and a waterfall for good measure.

The beaches of Tai Long Wan from the trail between Long Ke and Sai Wan.

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The Logistics of it All

Located 20 kilometers from the nearest sizable town, and accessible only by sea or hiking, Tai Long Wan is as remote as it gets. Tai Long Wan’s name literally means big wave bay, and there are four beaches on this bay: Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Wan and Tung Wan. All four of these beaches, besides being scenic, are great places for surfing and camping.

Getting to Tai Long Wan is no simple task. Travelers must

The Ten Best Beaches in Hong Kong

Dense, skyscraper-laden Hong Kong doesn’t seem like the most likely place to find beaches, but there are actually more than a few great beaches in Hong Kong. While they can’t compete with the pristine sands of other Asian beach destinations, like the Philippines or Thailand, they can certainly liven up a trip to Hong Kong. And with weather that borders on oppressively hot for most of the year, who are we to say no to a Hong Kong beach?

10. Hung Shing Yeh, Lamma Island

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Lamma Island is a popular day trip destination off the coast of Hong Kong, reachable in only 30 minutes by ferry from the Central Ferry Piers. Travelers hoping to visit Hung Shing Yeh should first take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan, which is Lamma’s largest town. Once there it’s a 30-minute walk to the beach on the Family Trail, a paved hiking trail that crosses Lamma Island. Hung Shing Yeh is very popular on the weekends with families, as it has a sandy beach and a lifeguard-supervised, netted swimming area.

9. Cheung Sha, Lantau

Cheung Sha is the longest stretch of sand in Hong Kong,

Best Temples in Hong Kong

Ditch the shopping malls and skyscrapers and delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage with a visit to one of Hong Kong’s top five temples. Nowhere is better to learn all there is to know about the hopes, dreams, fears and superstitions of this city’s industrious urbanites – especially true during Chinese New Year and important lunar calendar festival dates. While some places of worship have been given a glossy new makeover, many of Hong Kong’s oldest temples have been serving as important community gathering points for hundreds of years.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

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With its bold, red pillars and ornamental latticework, Wong Tai Sin displays all the qualities of the archetypal Taoist Chinese temple. Colorful and noisy, worshipers come year round to pray for good fortune and divine guidance from the “Great Immortal Wong.” Crowds flock here during the Chinese New Year to offer incense, make wishes and visit fortune tellers in hopes of an auspicious and prosperous year to come. Visiting the temple during this time may be interesting from a cultural perspective, but it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Throngs of people